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About us

We are integrated manufacturing company of complex machinery and equipment.


long term experience.

Involved in a variety of industries: energy, pulp and paper, oil and gas, heavy lifting, construction, packing, wood processing, mining, sound control, water treatment, renewable energy and so on. We have worked with many brands known throughout the world.


from the beginning.The way we've come.

Our mission.It is what we believe in.

For Employees

To encourage teamwork and professional development while maintaining our principles.

For Customers

To provide quality product on time while ensuring optimal solution.

For Shareholders

To ensure growth in results using available resources.

For Environment

To take into account environment while developing processes and ensuring order.

Our strengths.Solutions to offer.

Fully assembled machinery, equipment
  • Broad service package
  • In house operations to ensure OTD and Quality
Ability to take on large scale projects
  • Project financing
  • Delivery and assembly at final customer’s site
  • Professional workflow
Diversified industry sectors portfolio
  • Stable production load
  • Flexibility and short lead times by using buffers and forecasting
Engineering capability
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Design Engineering
  • Product manufacturability improvement
  • Material standardization
Ability to handle special project requirements
  • Off-shore (Norsok painting system and FROSIO engineer),
    Railway requirements, IWE
  • Heavy machining > 6 m
  • Heavy lifting > 40 t
  • Special materials: LDX, Duplex, Hardox and other

Value to you.Advantages to gain.

Cost effectiveness
  • Good control of operations which significantly reduces the risk of project delay and unpredicted extra costs
  • Cash-flow and reduced financial risks with payment after delivery
Simplicity and risk prevention
  • Save time by lettings us organize delivery and assembly at customer‘s site
  • Stability and track proven results from long-term partnership
  • Technologically optimal designs, lower costs and better lead times
  • Special requirement realization and efficient co-operation expansion

Business EthicsThat is the way we operate.

The aim of the Code of Business Ethics described herein is to give recommendations on the way that the employees, directors, and members of the board acting on behalf of the company Arginta Engineering, its subsidiary and associated companies should conduct themselves.