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We are integrated manufacturing company of complex machinery and equipment.

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Turula Engineering Copper smelting and production plant case

posted on 2022-05-17 /

Arginta Engineering and Turula Engineering are integrated production companies of high value added products, this statement stands stronger with the recent project for mining industry. We have used our Excellence in Engineering and international presence to generate exceptional value to our Customers.


Our Customer is a global company providing sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for mineral processing, metal refining, and aggregates industries.

Essence of the business case, Arginta and Turula Engineering solution

Growing mining and metal ore refining industry demands new investments into the infrastructure all over the world. Our customer has won a large scale contract and since we have been working for years, we were chosen as one of the sub-suppliers in the case. Arginta and Turula Engineering are responsible for manufacturing of several core process (transport conveyors, lifting devices and other) equipment manufacturing for Copper smelting and production plant in Indonesia.

After the Customer submitted all of the requirements, Arginta and Turula Engineering have:

  • Made manufacturing drawings for parts in production preparation process;
  • Manufactured and assembled stand-alone machines in Arginta Engineering
  • Shipped to Turula Engineering to assemble to full project unit;
  • Performed a set of tests to confirm proper functioning of machines;
  • Prepared all the products for shipment to Indonesia.

Why Arginta and Turula Engineering?

The Customer chose us due to several factors:

  • We are able to cover all of the elements of the supply chain – from material sourcing, prefabrication, all the way up to final assembly and testing. Having full process responsibility allows better control over OTD, quality results and simplicity for the customer.
  • We are a trusted project partner with long co-operation history and the capacity required for larger scale projects.

Our manufacturing plants in Lithuania and Finland is a combination that allows us to offer good value to our customers.

Is your company looking for engineering expertise and machinery/equipment manufacturing services?
If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. Arginta and Turula Engineering experts will be happy to assist with your business inquiry.

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