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We are integrated manufacturing company of complex machinery and equipment.

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We also offer design services – starting from the design technological task and finishing with the manufacturing drawings. Our engineers are experienced in manufacturing, so they can offer advice and solutions on how the design can be changed in order to achieve cost efficient manufacturing.

Our designer are using Creo and Solidworks CAD software.


We have more than 120 people available in our workshop, as well as our partner network, who are responsible for completing the production within the agreed schedule and for full quality controls.

Our customer representatives can supervise every stage of the production process.

Delivery and Testing

The tested equipment can be dismantled and delivered to the customer.

Our skilled installation team will, if requested, assemble the equipment at its destination and ensure that it is operating as agreed.

Project management

The production plan, schedule, progress reports and cost estimates are led by the project manager.

The responsible project manager also acts as the customer’s contact person during the project.

Until the final testing, we are responsible for the entire project and its delivery.

Supply Chain Management

We can control the complete supply chain of our products including the purchasing of material and components, assembly and installation.

Production services include prefabrication, welding, machining, finishing and assembly.

We have the capability

We have a set of machinery that can provide best results for our clients.
In the pursuit of our activities, we endeavour to ensure we achieve a balance between conserving the environment, meeting the public needs, and developing our corporate business.
Turula Engineering

You're coveredWe are providing value to our customers

We specialise in non-standard equipment manufacturing and we do not sell products. Instead, our company sells the manufacturing time (hours). We offer open calculations based on the hours spent in the workshop. After assessing the manufacturing hours in each working centre and multiplying this by an hourly rate, we offer the most accurate cost for the level of production. Working in this way provides us with the possibility to share our experience with the customer in the best manner.